A solution to change your financial lifestyle

We are inventing different ways to simplify your transfer and payment

Planning to perform a financial activity?

Mobillet will stay alongside you as a smart and accurate assistant, which helps you do a wide range of activities: from tracking your life to protecting your future. but surprisingly, Mobillet is an application beyond all these. Just imagine:


- Paying for purchases via cellphone, instead of using different credit cards,

- Having an analysis of your incomes and expenses in your mailbox, every weekend,

- Transfer money to many accounts all around the world, anytime; anywhere,

And so on.


Is it difficult to imagine? What about the experience it?

Simple setup and add account

Set it up in only 23 seconds:

Download Mobillet
If you are a customer of Saman Bank, log in by entering your netbank user
Not a Saman Bank customer? Or Have you forgotten your password for Mobillet? Tap on payment services button and enjoy Mobillet.
Now, simply and quickly you will always have Mobillet with you.

Transfer money: everywhere and every time

Whether staring at the starring sky in the heart of the Lut desert or lounging in front of the TV at home, Mobillet is at your service, whenever you want; wherever you are.

In the Money Transfer tab, you can easily deposit money to a specific account or credit card. Even you have access to “Paaya” or “Saatna” transferring features.

Banking in your pocket

Are you not in the mood of attending bank branches to fulfill your banking affairs? You are right, but no need to worry. It is now possible to perform several banking tasks via Mobillet. Tasks like transferring money through “Paayaa” and “Saatnaa”, requesting and observing checkbooks status, noticing bank loans status, visiting different accounts’ transitions and balance, categorized by time and kind of the transition (deposit or withdrawal).

Beyond banking

In the payment tab, you will experience a world in which all payment affairs such as single or group payment of bills, purchasing entrance permission to limited traffic zones, paying fined, recharging sim cards, etc. are possible by one click only. You can also enjoy new cardless payment approaches like NFC or QR Code trough Mobillet.

Make your money speak

Our memory is limited to process only 7 thoughts simultaneously. That’s why we usually forget

- What our current account balance is,

- How we can plan it to the end of the month,

- How we budgeted our money for our purchases at the beginning of the month and how much of it is now spent,

- And so on.

After all these, now it’s time to let our money speak and remind us of what our memory usually forgets.

In the dashboard menu, you can notice your monthly expenses and incomes in addition to your accounts balance in different divisions. It is also possible to specify budget limits on each category.

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