Backend Developer
Senior Backend Developer
Once you are here you will
  • Work on a Green-Field project
  • Work on Micro-service architecture
  • Make an autonomous design decision 
  • Take part in Code review as peers
  • Take part in Scrum process
  • Design and maintain our test systems
  • Design and maintain CI/CD pipeline
What You Will Bring Along
Programming Skills:
  • Java Core 11+
  • Spring Framework, Spring Boot
  • Very good knowledge of java ecosystem
  • Good understanding of Aspect Oriented Programming
  • Excellent understanding of Object Oriented Programming 
  • Very good understanding of Concurrency and it's design patterns
  • Design Patterns
Problem-solving skills:
  • Algorithmic design
  • Functional Design
  • Object Oriented Design
  • Very deep understanding of testing and it's methodology
Special skills:
  • Capable of understanding system bottlenecks
  • Good knowledge of ecosystem you are working with
Our technical culture consists of 

  • Sharing knowledge
  • Linux
  • Git 
  • Test Driven Development
  • Agile development
  • Clean Code
  • Code review
About our team
 The best ideas often come from fresh perspectives. At Mobillet, our open-minded, diverse and inclusive team is always learning from each other. We approach intellectually challenging work with a "get it done" attitude. Our Engineers are given significant latitude and support to pursue what they are passionate about to make Mobillet an even better place. If you are excited about building great technology with a proactive team, you will find yourself in good company at Mobillet.
Welcome to the family. 

  • Lunch & snacks
  • Working time flexibility
  • One-on-Ones and feedback discussion with your manager on a regular basis
  • Motivated and dynamic colleagues who are excited to break new grounds
  • Comprehensive health benefits
  • Competitive salary and bonuses

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آدرس: جنت آباد مرکزی - خیابان مخبری - بین شانزده متری اول و دوم شمالی - پلاک ۲۱۹ - واحد ۵ و ۶

شماره تماس پشتیبانی : ۶۴۲۲ (۰۲۱)

شماره تماس واحد اداری : ۱-۴۴۴۴۲۰۵۰ (۰۲۱)

ایمیل: support [@] 

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