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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Where can I download “Mobillet” from?

“Mobillet” is now available on all markets like “Cafe Bazaar”, “App Store” and “Google Play” for all devices supporting Android or iOS operating systems. It is also can be downloaded directly from our website. Direct download has the advantage of receiving suggestions for the best download approach based on your cellphone operating system, while using it to visit the website.

Are” Mobillet” services available to the customers of banks other than Saman Bank?

Yes. They can install “Mobillet” on their smartphone to access to its “No Login” services such as bill payment, sim card recharge, buying mobile Internet packages, paying traffic tickets, purchasing entrance permission to limited traffic zones and etc. Also Saman bank users can benefit from these services in case of forgetting their “Mobillet” login details.

How can I trust “Mobillet”?

“Mobillet”, which has been launched to the market, is a new service presented by Saman Bank. Therefore, this application has been tested for all security issues and it has been certified to be established in banking and payment systems. Also, Saman bank assures all “Mobillet” users that this application’s security is strongly approved.

How much does it cost to use “Mobillet”?

“Mobillet” is free to use like many things in the universe, like the air we breathe, or our thoughts and ideas. However, for all these and specially for “Mobillet”, there is a huge cost: Time. Your time is the most valuable thing you dedicate to “Mobillet” and that’s why “Mobillet” team has always tried to do its best in presenting the quickest and most perfect user experience.